Wasn’t so bad

Well I had my night out and it went ok.

no punches thrown, no drinks swilled. My anxiety though was crazy that day.

Propranolol is my saviour. The wine also helped. So the people I don’t get on with were out and they were quiet at first but then I thought “Sod it !” and started making small talk with them/ Yes I was nervous but thought if they ignore me they are showing themselves up/ one of them did say that becoming a mother has changed her and she realised life was too short to waste being childish and ignoring people.


10 mins after she left the oub I got a Facebook friends request. The other girl chatted away to me then offered to drive me home at the end of the night instead if paying for a taxi.


Hopefully that’s the end of the awkward social life when I see them out ……


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